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This screensaver presents a set of 265 breathtakingly beautiful butterflies. If you have it installed in Windows XP, the screen will switch automatically when the PC is idle.Smile 1 Pop1 Free Screensaver is a free screensaver with five different categories of images. These categories have been categorized after a detailed study of many famous artists' works. The first category is called Smile1, the second is called Pop1, the third is called Green Forest, the fourth is called Autumn Sunlight, and the last is called Happy Vibrations.Easy Picture Frame 3D Free Screensaver has been designed to create a high quality 3D image on your desktop. It supports all modern graphic cards (even NVIDIA Geforce2 and 3) and you can see the result right after a direct visualization of the picture taken.Free Solar System Screensaver is designed to present you a spectacular view of our Solar System. Very pretty images of our Solar System (Sun, Solar System, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) will be rotating.Free Vocal Beat Screen Savers - Free Vocal Beat Screen Savers is a collection of 5 Different Vocal Beat Screensavers. Each screen will have a different beat - and its origin. Each screensaver will have an invisible cute vocal melodies of varying interval lengths, and each will have a different color tone.Screen Works Screen Recorder is freeware screen capture software that allows you to capture and record the current screen as a JPEG image file, or record the DirectX based windows screensaver into an AVI movie file for you to view it later.Q:Handle click outside of a div in JavaScriptI have a div inside a panel and the panel is inside a sticky footer.When someone clicks anywhere, or anywhere inside the div I want it to trigger something. My issue is that when the user clicks outside the div, the click event triggers.I tried setting a mouseup event for the whole page and then use preventDefault() to stop the click event from triggering but this doesn't work either.How do I stop the click event from triggering when the user clicks outside the div?A:Use e.stopPropogation():document.body.addEventListener('click', function(e){ if (!'div')) e.stopPropagation(); 08929e5ed8

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